My Gym, Your Gym, No Gym

Exercise BallsI designed my gym to include the modern tools necessary to create and execute programs of natural movement – this is what we call “functional training.” There are no multi-station gym products, rowing machines, treadmills or ellipticals. You don’t need to pay a trainer to watch you walk or row in place, or ride a fake bike.

In the gym, we will work with exercise balls, Bosu balls, medicine balls, resistance tubing, dumbbells, and suspension tools. I don’t target muscles, I target movements. There are no machines that helps you kick a soccer ball, grab something heavy out of the car, or reach for something off a high shelf. Machines can’t improve the balance of a senior and reduce the risk of a fall. Instead, I coach real-world functional training that prevents injuries and helps you move better, perform better and feel better.

The other by-desigPoeReverseFlyXn aspect of my gym is that it’s portable. I can take any of the equipment in my car and train you at your home or office.BartGayeHike2zx

Yet my programs are not confined to the gym. Depending on your needs and wants, I can easily incorporate outdoor exercises that take full advantage of all that this beautiful area has to offer. The gym is on picturesque Westlake Lake, with easy access to one of my favorite tools: kayaks. I’m also steps away from fantastic trails that are excellent for hiking. The uncrowded and friendly residential streets of Westlake Village are perfect for walks and bike rides. ┬áBy incorporating the great outdoors into the program, we keep the workouts fun, fresh, and a natural addition to your lifestyle.