General Fitness

The best way to maintain your muscles is to use them, yet this isn’t as easy as it seems. LIFE happens and we can’t seem to find the time to exercise like we know we should. Simple movements become difficult and pains become more frequent. Nature is conspiring against us and trying to shrink our bodies, slowly but surely, back OmiMedBall1to the fetal position.

Back In The Game Health will design a program for you that opens your body up, strengthens muscles, and improves your ability to handle simple and complex movements. This is “functional training.”

With improved general fitness, you can feel confident in your ability to participate in athletic activities without injuring yourself, enjoy life movements (lifting and reaching for objects, sitting in “different” positions without pain…), and most importantly, revel in a feeling of improved physical health.

Weight Loss

LisaComparoJanMar2013xAssuming you are not experiencing a chemical imbalance, the primary way to lose weight is to expend more carbs than you intake. It’s very simple in concept, very difficult in execution. I’ll create a program that increases your carb burning, and help coach you on how to reduce the carbs in your diet. Together we can turn the tide in your favor, and you’ll see pounds gradually start to slip away. No trendy diets and no working out in a wetsuit. We’ll do it right, and in a way that helps you keep the pounds off forever by changing your lifestyle.


Strength Training


Through dumbbells, rubber tubing, and our body’s natural weight, we will train muscles groups to overcome resistance in multiple planes of motion. Balance exercises will also be emphasized to act as a sound foundation on which to build. Strength doesn’t have to mean increased muscle size. With my workouts, we emphasize muscle endurance and health over size (hypertrophy). This typically means lesser weights but more repetition. I’m helping you prepare for the challenges of the real world. If you want a bodybuilder physique, I would be happy to recommend you to a different trainer.


Balance / Flexibility

Step Up BB

As we age, our muscles tend to shrink and reduce our various joints’ range of motion. This often leads to our body’s inability to maintain correct posture and balance. To overcome this degeneration, we must stay active and maintain 3D movements that seek to maximize our body’s ability to move freely and maintain safe and proper positioning. In trainer-geek speak, this means exercising in the frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes and continuing to train and improve your body’s proprioception. The older we get, the more important this is, as unintentional falls become the greatest risk to our health. It’s easier to prevent a fall than it is to survive one.


Athletic Performance Improvement


While skill is one way to measure an athlete’s ability, physical output is often just as important. In most sports, the athlete who can jump higher, run faster, get more physical with opponents, and stay healthier has an advantage. Almost all serious athletes looking to take their performance to the next level utilize a personal trainer – whether at the high-school, college, or professional ranks. And now we’re seeing that happen at an even younger level, with athletes in the middle schools looking for better coordination, balance, and power. If you are looking to make an impact at a level beyond just recreational playing, let’s talk about customizing a program that will get you the results you are after.



YouWillieSwan don’t have to be in a gym to develop muscle movements, improve strength, burn carbs, or improve your balance. Many of the functional training programs I design incorporate the same muscle movements in outdoor activities. Kayaking is a great way to develop the upper body, and standing up in a kayak is an excellent way to improve balance! What about the muscles you build walking/hiking up a hill, or biking through the streets? How about the benefits to your cardio-respiratory system? These lifestyle activities are fun and a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors.