Over 40


Starting to feel the downside of hours in front of a computer and lack of exercise that used to come so easily? Do you find yourself shying away from the weekend basketball game (or any other sport) because you fear the pain that is surely to follow? Not thrilled with the reflection in the mirror? You might even have a home gym or treadmill that sits unused because you’re not sure of the right program to undertake, or you’re just plain bored of the same ‘ole thing.

Get back in the game! Start a training program that is fun and makes you feel great again. Develop those muscle groups that let you play the game you love. Pain free! Burn calories to shed the fat you hate.


Did you know that unintentional falls were the #1 reason for those aged 45 and over to visit an emergency room? Approximately one third of the population over the age of 65 will fall in a given year. About 53% of seniors discharged from the hospital/doctor for fall related hip fractures will experience another fall within six months.

Seniors have diJack Pushing - Seniors in Actionfferent needs. As we age, the muscles become shorter and stiffer. Bones become brittle, balance starts to suffer, and range of motion decreases. So what do we do? Usually, we become less active and more sedentary. And this only makes things worse. If we don’t use muscles, we lose them. It doesn’t have to be this way. Properly done, personal training can improve a senior’s balance, increase the range of motion of joints, and build strength in muscles that have become weak. Not only will the client be able to have a more active life – but they significantly reduce the possibility that they will fall.

Every day the odds of a fall increase. Start training now!


Tate Power Run

I know coaching, training, and sports, and I know how to improve athletic output. Let me help you take your abilities to new levels and give you advantages over the others trying to make the roster.

But it doesn’t stop with making the team. You need to stay healthy. As our teens complete their growth stage, injuries become more prevalent, and keep them off the field. Sports are no fun when you can’t get in the game. Stay healthy and strong with a regular training regimen. Let me design the program, and you can execute it with me, or at home.